The Issues


Use APA & District Branch Resources to:

Intensify lobbying and advocacy to reduce practice burdens and improve care through: fixing the broken MOC process by developing a more practical, less costly alternative; better access, parity, safety, more services, fair reimbursement--including for addictions, child, e-behavioral health, integrated care, collateral work; user-friendly, efficient EMR to promote quality of care not psychiatrist burnout

Improve workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion by recruiting trainees, faculty and staff that mirror our patient population and by supporting representation in leadership across organizations

Champion training and recruitment in areas of clinical need (child, geriatrics, addictions, integrated care, e-behavioral health, etc.) through educational innovations in GME and CME and collaboration with subspecialty organizations to reverse critical shortages and protect scope of practice

Mobilize education to: reduce stigma and demonstrate nationally and globally our unique value as biopsychosocial psychiatric physicians; protect GME from bureaucratic time sinks and prevent educator burnout

Enhance wellbeing by: ensuring stigma-free access to mental health care for psychiatrists, including a focus on current functioning not history of treatment in licensing and credentialing documentation; reducing burdens (e.g. coding, EMR, MOC) and improving systems to restore meaning and professional identity to our work